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PTBP (Para Tertiary Butyl Phenol)

NAIKNAVARE CHEMICALS LIMITED was the first company to produce PTBP on commercial scales in India, commencing in 1995.

PTBP is white colored flakes with distinct phenolic odor and melting point in excess of 97 C. It is insoluble in water, but soluble in most organic solvents and alcohols. It is available as a flaked solid packed in 25 Kg HDPE or paper bags.

Phenolic resin applications account for 60-70 % of all PTBP consumed worldwide. These resins are used in a wide range of applications, which include Rubber based adhesives, paints, coating resins and printing inks. PTBP also finds application in the manufacture of industrial Varnishes. PTBP is also used in the chain termination of polycarbonates and its glycidyl ether is used as a hardener in epoxy resins. PTBP is a major requirement for the manufacture of basic aromatic and perfumery chemicals. The acetate derivative of PTBP hydrogenation product is widely used as a perfume in soaps and detergents.

Formula : C10H14O
Cas No. : 98-54-4
Molecular Weight : 150

Specific gravity (Solid) @ 4 °C : ~ 0.91
Liquid Density (g/ml) @ 120 °C : 0.904
Boiling Point °C @ 760 mm Hg : 236.5
Viscosity, CPS @ 100 °C : 2.97
Flash point, °C (Open Cup)
Solubility at 25 °C g/100g in
: 118
Methanol : 300 or more
Benzene : 55
Acetone : 300 or more
Water : Insoluble
Appearance : White Flakes

    Typical Values
Color : Apha 100 Max. : 20-40
Melting point, °C : 97.00 Min. : > 98.50
Purity,% Wt by GLC¤ : 99.00 Min. : > 99.00
Phenol, % Wt by GLC : 0.1 Max. : < 0.10
Water, % Wt by KF : 0.1 Max. : < 0.10
Including meta isomer *

25 kg. PP/HDPE woven bag or Laminated Paper bags with HM/LD-HDPE liner

Raw materials for oil soluble phenolic resin and tackifier
Polymerization modifier for polycarbonate resin
Raw material for manufacturing of Perfumery Intermediates


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Naiknavare Chemicals Limited   Naiknavare Chemicals Limited