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Environment, Health & Safety Policy

We will enhance our company value by :

  • Operating safe, clean, efficient facilities
  • Operating in an environmentally and socially responsible manner
  • Operating to the mutual benefit of our employees, customers and the community

In doing this, we will:

Provide a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and contractors. We believe all work related injuries and incidents can be prevented. Any injury to our employees or others on our site is unacceptable.

Operate our facilities to protect our neighbours and the environment.

Demonstrate that adequate measures are in place to control operational and process risks, thus minimising hazards to our employees, contractors and the general public.

Comply with regulatory requirements, industry standards, guidelines and local procedures.

Provide education and training to ensure all employees, contractors and site visitors, are familiar with this policy and are able to act in accordance with its requirements. We will encourage the involvement of all employees in a culture of teamwork and continual improvement. We expect health, safety and environment protection to be a prime responsibility of each employee.

Evaluate the risks associated with our ../products throughout their life cycle, and manufacture and market only those which will not present an unacceptable risk to human health or the environment when properly handled, transported, used or disposed.

Communicate the content of this policy to our neighbours and the broader public. We will maintain wide ranging contact on health, safety and environment issues, to improve awareness. We will obtain comment on our performance in implementing our commitments.

Minimise noise and odours, the generation and consequent disposal of wastes to air, water and land and maximise the efficiency of our utilisation of energy.

Review our health, safety and environment systems to achieve continual improvement, aiming for industry best practice in the prevention of illness, injury and pollution of the environment.

Vikas D. Naiknavare
Managing Director


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Naiknavare Chemicals Limited   Naiknavare Chemicals Limited