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Established in 1994, Naiknavare Chemicals Limited provides superior quality and services in custom synthesis, manufacturing and distribution of specialty organic chemicals. Our modern and well equipped pilot plant, production facility and research laboratory are set in a 5 acre plot, strategically located just 40 kms from India's premier port of J.N.P.T.

Our Product range comprises:



Phenolic Antioxidants for Rubbers

  • NCL-22M46
    2,2’-Methylenebis (4-methyl-6-tert. Butylphenol)
    Chemically equivalent to Vulkanox-BKF®, Lowinox-22M46® and Ionol-46®
    Butylated reaction product of Para Cresol & Dicyclopentadiene.
    Chemically equivalent to Wingstay-L®, Lowinox-CPL® and Ionol-LC®
  • NCL-44B25
    4,4'-Butylidenebis (2-tert. butyl-5-methylphenol)
    Chemically equivalent to Lowinox-44B25®

Aminic Antioxidants for Rubbers & Oils

    Octylated Diphenylamines
    Chemically equivalent to Octamine-F®, Permanax-ODPA®
    4,4’-Dioctyl Diphenylamine
    Chemically equivalent to Vanox-12®, Vanlube-81®
    4,4’-Bis (alpha, alpha-dimethylbenzyl) diphenylamine
    Chemically equivalent to Naugard-445®
    Nonylated Diphenylamine
    Chemically equivalent to Naugalube-438L®, Irganox L-67®
    Butylated and Octylated Diphenylamine
    Chemically equivalent to Naugalube-640® and Irganox L-57®



Naiknavare Chemicals Limited   Naiknavare Chemicals Limited